Joint Cartilage Repair

In 2009 I had my right shoulder replaced for the second time due to extreme osteoarthritis. I was in severe pain every day and the doctor suggested a complete replacement rather than the half replacement I had the first time. I was desperate for relief from the pain and agony my shoulder was causing me daily. This was the only option the Doctor felt was left for me. I had to give up my career because of the pain levels, and the fact that I was told I should never lift over 5 lbs again. I also sold my canoe and my motorcycle. At 44 it felt like a life sentence and I had no hope for my future. joint health complex
I was told that my left shoulder was bad enough to need a replacement as well. The X-rays showed bone on bone and the shoulder was actually dropped because of severe muscle atrophy and there was almost no cartilage left. First the doctor said I had to recover from my right shoulder surgery and he was reluctant to do the left shoulder because my right one was so bad he didn’t think I could function with just my right arm.
Thankfully due to his reluctance I did not have the left shoulder replaced. And today I have hope that I never will need to. In 2012 I started on Shaklee Vitalizer which led to increased energy levels and less pain. I added a Shaklee smoothee daily as well as some additional Shaklee vitamins. In 2013 I added Joint Health Complex hoping it would help what remained of my left shoulder joint not to get worse. I was sceptical but willing to give it a try. In November, 2015 I was able to view my recent X-rays which show there is now cartilage between the joints. Shaklee Joint Health Complex truly works to build cartilage. The most I thought I could hope for was that my left shoulder would not get worse. That it has improved and now has rebuilt some cartilage is  amazing and gives me hope that I can continue to improve the health of my shoulder. The protein in the Shaklee smoothees has helped me regain muscle which also helps hold that shoulder together. I am grateful every day that I was introduced to Shaklee.