Sugar And Pain Reduction

Sugar and Pain Reduction

When you eat sugar, it has many ways to stimulate the production of inflammatory messengers called cytokines4. These little messengers can travel through the body, damage tissues and create inflammation. Where there is inflammation, there is often pain.

There are about 100 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain5. Headaches, back pain and joint pain are all common types. Chronic pain can be mild, severe or episodic.

Your lifestyle can have a significant impact on the amount of pain that you experience. Diet, stress, sleep and exercise can all influence inflammation levels in the body.

When it comes to diet, removing foods that trigger inflammation (like sugar) and adding in more anti-inflammatory foods can help to reduce pain naturally.  A chronic pain diet is essentially an anti-inflammatory diet.

Because eating sugar contributes to inflammation in the body, it makes sense to minimize it or remove it completely for a while. Even the recommended limit of 6-9 teaspoons could negatively impact the pain you feel.