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Playing sports in high school reeked havoc on my body. I have arthritis in my hands, right ankle, left knee, and my neck, but the real story is about my shoulders. They would dislocate frequently, multiple times a day, so finally, when I was twenty-three years old, I had my first of many surgeries to try to fix them. Up to this point  I have had a total of four surgeries on my left shoulder, and eight on my right, including having my right shoulder replaced twice. Unfortunately surgery causes arthritis,so after twelve surgeries you can imagine the shape my shoulders are in.


I have tried Vioxx, Celebrex, Acetaminophen with caffeine and codeine, Meloxicam, Naproxen, among many other drugs. I’ve also tried alternative therapies such as light therapy, hot and cold, massage, and more creams and lotions that you’d think could exist. I was still experiencing pain levels of 6-8 out of 10 on a daily basis while on 2 different types of morphine. Adding Shaklee nutritional supplements and changing my diet took my pain level down to a 2-3 out of 10 within 2 weeks. I now have increased energy levels, more mobility and a positive outlook for my future.

I started this blog as a source of information for others who are also living with arthritis, and are searching for ways to improve their quality of life, so take a look around, and please contact me if you have any questions, or comments.

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